REAL NAME:  Duncan Busto

LABELS:   C.I.A Records   Function Records   Horizons Music   Metalheadz   Shogun Audio  

Prolific drum & bass producer, since 1996. Owns/manages the Inneractive Music label.

1998 saw the birth of the infamous Phantom Audio imprint, launched by Digital & Spirit. It arose from their mutual desire to have their own base where there was no set musical agenda. Soon after the duo debuted with the release of ‘Phantom Force’ this track became a d’n’b anthem worldwide. Still to this day 14yrs after its release you can still ‘Phantom Force’ being featured in sets from the likes of; Andy C, Friction, Goldie & DJ Marky also getting licensed to numerous Dance Music CD compilations. The imprint Phantom Audio went on to home some formative releases from the duo alongside a selection of solo cuts. March 2013 sees the duo teaming up once again for the first time in 10yrs to re-launch the label.Spirit’s solo work continued with further releases for C.I.A, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Klute’s Commercial Suicide and Marcus Intalex’ Revolve:r imprint as well as a host of remixes, including the Goldie classic ‘Sinister’. The long overdue debut album. ‘Puzzle Box’ was finally released on Inneractive in Spring 2005 to much acclaim and spawning the massive ‘Siren’ and ‘Calling Card’, picked by Goldie to appear on his ‘Classics’ Mix CD. The following year also saw the unleashing of yet another timeless anthem in ‘Redial’ on Metalheadz.Spirit has continued to release for some of the scene’s most coveted labels including Friction’s Shogun Audio, Violence Recordings and Ingredients as well as further releases for Metalheadz, CIA and Renegade Hardware. Now firmly established as one of the world’s foremost drum and bass producers and having recently returned to the UK from 5 years in the USA, things are about to turn full circle. Aside from working on a host of fresh solo material following recent appearances on Total Science’s ‘Tuned In 2′ and Horizon’s ‘Dream Thief III’ compilations, having already secured a spot on the forthcoming Metalheadz compilation, March 2013 will see the relaunch of Phantom Audio, featuring the first collaborations with Digital in over 10 years …Digital & Spirit are back!

FUNC041 Spirit - Stalker EPMay 26, 2017

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