Los Angeles, USA
REAL NAME:  Nathan Vinall
ALIASES:  Kraken (with Stakka)

LABELS:   No info yet.

SKYNET stands as one of the great figureheads of DnB, as an entity producing since the 90’s and being one of the true innovators of the genre for many years. Pioneering a unique breed of tech-oriented dance music, he established himself early on in the history of the scene as a leading force in pushing a futuristic aesthetic. In his early days he followed a path that saw him producing both solo works and a collaboration with Stakka that spanned forty 12” singles and three LPs, releasing alongside fellow DnB revolutionaries such as Rob Data, Kemal and Friction as well as being showcased on John Peel’s legendary BBC radio show. Their first ‘Voyager’ LP on Audio Blueprint was widely regarded as a seminal work for the evolution of futuristic tech-driven DnB. This approach was refined and focused further in their follow-up ‘Blazin’ LP, containing the stand-out track ‘Side-Effects’ – marked as a favourite by Grooverider and considered a historic DnB anthem by DnB enthusiasts around the globe. Skynet’s partnership with Stakka came to an end following the release of their ‘Clockwork’ LP, which stands in time as a true classic, but brought both artists to a time when they felt strongly about following their own individual pathways.

Since then, Skynet has spent his time dedicated to touring and in the studio developing further his unique tech sound, primarily releasing music through his own Skynet Recordings imprint and sub-label ‘Discrete’ – with his strong following constantly evolving and growing through this output. Consistent tour dates across Europe, America, South Africa and Australia have ensured his presence is felt globally, with Skynet laying out his advanced tech-perspective wherever he touches down.

2015 saw serious forward momentum in DnB, with neurofunk pulling heavily towards tech-step and a new fusion of genres emerging, simultaneously looking back to the roots and pushing forward into the future. Skynet reconfirmed his place in the movement with the release of ‘One Speed’ on Noisia’s Invisible Recordings imprint, as well as ‘Disorder’ on Mindtech Recordings. In the year ahead – 2016 – the tech sound is set for massive expansion, with Skynet remaining one of the true leaders and legends of the genre.

C4CDIGUK043 Skynet - Transhumanism / SingularityJul 03, 2017

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