London, UK
REAL NAME:  Mark Gaunt
ALIASES:  Iron Hands

LABELS:   Dread Recordings   V Recordings   Dope Ammo Records   Grid Recordings   Streetlife  

Jungle / Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ and producer, from London, UK.

One of the most prolific of the new breed of dnb producers. His mix of vintage jungle and futuristic modern jump up has shown widespread appeal, with tracks being picked up by many of the scene’s biggest brands, such as Dread Recordings, Philly Blunt Records, Grid Recordings, Critical Recordings, Creative Source Records, Digital Soundboy Recordings Co. and V Recordings as well as many of the scene’s freshest up and coming labels.

Serum plays all over Europe and at some of the top venues in the UK, such as Matter, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Herbal, and the Q Club, where he has showcased his rapid fire blend of upfront smashers and classic old skool remixes.

He’s also a regular fixture on the radio and internet, having appeared on 1xtra, DNBTV, Kool FM, Pyro Radio, Bassdrive and Rude FM.

No releases posted for Serum yet.

This profile was created March 17, 2016.   Last edited: July 01, 2017.