London, UK
REAL NAME:  Sam Gardner

LABELS:   No info yet.

Hey guys! I write and produce electronic music and play it live on drums! I love all kinds of electronic music and I’m particularly into Drum and Bass 🙂 I’m also a Jazz musician and I love to incorporate lots of different genres in my music, including DnB, Hiphop, Jazz, and Ethnic styles from around the globe.

I use a hybrid acoustic and electronic kit, laptop and tonnes of triggered effects to play my music live.I use Ableton Live to translate my tracks for the live environment (it’s awesome software – check it out if you haven’t already!) I use it to trigger samples, loops and I blend the acoustics sounds of my kit with samples which I trigger using the Roland SPD-SX.

My creative process begins in the studio, where I write basslines and make samples in Ableton. Then I jam on the acoustic drums to create full grooves. Using synths, samples and my own recorded sounds, I develop these ideas into full tracks – which I mix and master in Ableton. Then finally I separate the basslines, melodies and ambient sounds into short loop-able clips, which I can use to improvise structures and experiment on gigs. It’s a lot of fun! 🙂

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No releases posted for Septabeat yet.

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