REAL NAME:  Antoine Vlt

LABELS:   Hyperactivity Music  

Producer and DJ from Lyon, France.

While originally making his debut as a rapper and beatmaker, in 2013 during a Lyonnaise evening, he discovered drum & bass music.

Fascinated by these syncopated rhythms propelled at 174bpm, he began producing and deejaying. Three years later, he released his first EP, Dawn Reflections, on Hyperactivity Music (Marseille, France), collaborating with Midn8Runner & directed by BRK.

With many influences like hip-hop, techno, soul and jazz, and artists such as Stray, Caliber, Alix Perez and DLR, he likes to plunge his audience into a deep and repetitive drum & bass, punctuated by aerial and melodic pieces.

He started to become known in 2017 thanks with his track “Cold Love” released on the compilation French Plates of DNB France.
Member of the Physical Tool crew made up of Mescud & Zufall, he plays alongside artists such as Mc Fly DJ, Trail, or Vici and is scheduled in various cities in the South of France.

HYP005 SBZ - Dawn Reflections EPSep 29, 2017
HYP009 VA - Polychrome Vol. 1Feb 16, 2018

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