London, UK
REAL NAME:  Ian Jordan

LABELS:   No info yet.

Drum & Bass DJ and producer from Kent, UK and owner of Sweet Tooth Recordings. (Date of Birth: April 20, 1976)

Majistrate started out as a dj in the early 90’s, and like many played on his local pirate radio station trying to get recognised. It was this station that started his career in the scene as a dj/producer, and now today Majistrate is known as a relentless producer and 3-deck dj and is one of the most current names in the game.

Majistrate’s production history in drum & bass goes way back to 1994 where he had his first release with Splash Recordings, that was the start of a long line of releases spanning up to today on labels such as Juice Records, Valve Recordings, Low Down Deep, East Side, Playaz, Ganja Records, Frontline, Bingo, Urban Takeover and of course NAM Musik, which Majistrate was co-owner of.

Today, Majistrate has his own label imprint entitled ‘Sweet Tooth Recordings’ which showcases established and new breakthrough dancefloor producers & continues to release his own material on Low Down Deep Recordings.

No releases posted for Majistrate yet.

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