Jamie Irie
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Jamie Buckley Saysell (born 24th July 1965) infamously known as Jamie Irie, was born in Cheltenham and raised in the multi-cultural heart of Gloucester in England. From a young age, Jamie had a passion for music. Heavily influenced by his love of Jamaican dance-hall and reggae music, he grew up listening to the likes of Big Youth, Tappa Zukie and Mighty Diamonds. Jamie became friends with many industry professionals, namely artists such as Daddy Freddy, Tenafly, Sir Coxson HIFI and the late Ivanhoe Campbell from Severn Sound radio. Les from the Kandy Shop to name a few. It wasn’t long before Jamie was penning and recording tracks of his own. By 1994 Jamie was living in America, during this time he had begun performing live and started touring. Irie quickly found himself rising to fame as he worked with some of the top names in the dance-hall and reggae scene, both in New York & Jamaica. Jamie also worked with the label ‘ Iron Mike’, owned by famous heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson while living in America.

SAYSELL17 Jamie Irie & Blackout JA: Champion + Callide RemixFeb 11, 2018

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