Jaguar Skills
LABELS:   Viper Recordings  

From humble beginnings producing mixtapes for Japanese fashion labels through to curating his own stage at Bestival and releasing platinum-selling compilations; the rise and rise of the original ninja-DJ Jaguar Skills has been well documented. Jag has managed to remain true to his school and keep a mysterious edge to his character, with details of his real name, age and home town etc left largely unconfirmed…

VPR125 Jaguar Skills - Riot Squad 2 (feat. Mind Vortex)Nov 17, 2017
VPRLP021 Viper Recordings - Various Artists - Drum & Bass Annual 2018Jan 05, 2018
VPR131 Jaguar Skills - Off My Rocker (feat. Saskilla)Dec 15, 2017
VPR135 Jaguar Skills - Levelz (feat. Double S)Jan 26, 2018
VPR137 Jaguar Skills - Miseducation of a Hip-Hop Boss EPFeb 09, 2018

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