Czech Republic

LABELS:   In Da Jungle  

Hundread is one of the most active Ragga Jungle / Dubwize DJs and promoters in the Czech Republic. The first time he came in touch with ragga jungle was at Czechtek 2002 where he fell in love with the beauty of the combination of reggae samples and broken beats.

Since then Hundread’s passion for ragga unfolded and has still not faded away. The beginnings were so innocent — garage, hi-fi tower, computer, Traktor DJ software and bunch of pubescents joking about having their own soundsystem. As time flew by, these jokes became more serious and ended up with Hundread purchasing his first set of turntables, vinyls and establishing Saigon Project Sound System in 2007. Since then, he’s performed at hundreds of gigs across the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as Ireland and Spain.

Hundread has earned the respect of DJ’s and producers across the globe and has had the opportunity to perform alongside industry heavyweights like Aries, Nanci and Phoebe and Deadly Hunta to name a few.

IDJR246 Hundread: Badman SoundJun 24, 2017

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