Brighton, England
REAL NAME:  Ed Keeley

LABELS:   C.I.A Records   Playaz Recordings   Shogun Audio   Elevate Records  

Brighton-raised Friction is one of only a handful of drum and bass DJs to utilise three decks to mash up his mixes, creating a unique sound. As a teenager Friction was busy playing and promoting events in Brighton when he began collaborating with local producers Stakka & K-Tee who were heavily involved in Andy C’s Ram Records label.

In 1998 Friction released his debut single “Critical Mass” under the stage name Kinnetix, attracting the attention of major labels. Soon he was releasing tracks on renowned labels such as Valve, Tru Playaz, Trouble On Vinyl, 31 Records, Hospital, Charge and Renegade Hardware alongside his own Shogun Audio imprint.

Friction is regarded as one of the biggest DJs in the drum and bass scene, with an extremely fast rise to success. Highly regarded for his various mix CDs and releases on labels like Hospital, Tru Playaz and Renegade Hardware. One of his biggest tracks was the “Back To Your Roots Remix” on Shogun Audio in 2007.

He is label manager of Shogun Audio.

No releases posted for Friction yet.

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