Dope Ammo
  United Kingdom
REAL NAME:  A. Shah, C. Ball, P. Doyle
ALIASES:  Drunken Masters

LABELS:   Dope Ammo Records   Jungle Cakes  

Dope Ammo was founded in 1996, initially designed as a collective focused on promoting a series of club nights. After a series of outstanding events that rocked the scene, music production had become a great interest so with great passion and determination these members took to the streets in search of a studio space of which they would call their second home. Shortly after a new chapter in this chronicle had begun, becoming “The Drunken Masters” – The production alias for the founding members of the Dope Ammo crew.

These worthy veterans known as Dope Ammo continue to strive for excellence keeping a real connection with the artists and supporters throughout the scene, working together as one is the resolution creating a musical revelation. With this attitude, honesty and pure love for Drum & Bass guarantees their commitment to a thriving art form that will continue to grow over the 21st century.

DARDIGEX019 VA - Bullets Reloaded Round 4Jun 05, 2017
DARDIGEX018 VA - Bullets Reloaded Round 3Feb 27, 2017
DAINF001D Dope Ammo - Jungle EvolutionFeb 23, 2018
DAINF008 Influence EPOct 26, 2018
DARDIGEX023 Beat Assassins vs Dope Ammo - Beat Down (feat. Scarlett Quinn)Apr 05, 2019
DARDIGEX024 Shaima - Girl Gang - Ice>Box (Dope Ammo & Benny Page) RMXMay 01, 2019
DAINFRX01 Influence Remix - Part 1Aug 02, 2019
DAFIRE001 Kirsty Bertarelli - Fire Fire Fire (Dope Ammo Remix)Jul 26, 2019
DAINFRX02 Dope Ammo "INFLUENCE" Remix EP - Part 2Oct 04, 2019

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