Dom & Roland
  London, UK
REAL NAME:  Dominic Angas

LABELS:   Metalheadz  

London based drum and bass producer, re-mixer, recording artist, and label owner. Born 1974.

He began recording on the advice of his friend, Nico Sykes, using just a computer and a Roland S760. In 1994 he released on Sykes’ Saigon label, and received much acclaim and airtime from the influential D.J., Grooverider. By the time he started recording for Moving Shadow in 1996, he had built a professional standard recording studio, and had become highly respected in the drum and bass scene.

In 2005 he established Dom & Roland Productions, to facilitate the release of his own material, and any of his collaborations.

META008 Dom & Roland - Last Refuge of a Scoundrel LPOct 07, 2016

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