United Kingdom
REAL NAME:  Steve Carr

LABELS:   Function Records   NexGen Music  

Digital is one of the UK’s well-respected & inspirational drum and bass producers with a career spanning 20yrs plus and a seminal catalogue of original & innovative releases to date.

His signature bass-lines & radicalized dubbed out sounds reach back to his childhood seeing his Father run his own sound-system for nearly thirty years in Ipswich, UK. The moniker ‘Digital’ was given to Steve by the Ashanti Sound system, immediately recognizing his technical ability operating a sound system at the age of 14 while also relating the moniker to the future, his youth and the emergence of the digital age. It wasn’t long before Digital used his dad’s sound-system on his own, in 1991, with the ‘rave scene’ growing in & around Ipswich he started to hire-out the system to various promoters, noticeably Danny C who he befriended through their love of music and raving. This is when he really got interested in the rave scene and its music triggering his curiosity that drew his attention to production…

NXG025D Digital - Brain Damage EPMay 20, 2016
FUNC039 Digital - The Shame of Mankind EPOct 06, 2016
FUNC040 Digital - The VIPsFeb 17, 2017
FUNC042 Digital & Scott Taitoko - Water Bucket EPSep 29, 2017
FUNC044 Digital: Spacefunk RemixesFeb 15, 2018
FUNC044LP Digital: Total Control LP (Sampler 1)Apr 27, 2018
FUNC048 Digital & Response: Broken DubMay 06, 2019
FUNC050 Various Artists - Shadows LPNov 08, 2019
FUNC501 Digital + The Green Man: Junglist Soldier EPJul 03, 2020

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