D.R.S – Da Real Sound
  London / Bristol UK
LABELS:   Hazardous Musik   basswerk Records  

Formed in 1990 with the idea of fusing Rave with all forms of Reggae music.

They had success in 1994 with the jungle tune “Everyman” Released on Rugged vinyl, this featured Lee Royal Levi, Stevie Hyper D and Kenny Ken.

Although continuing to work together, they moved on to other projects. Releasing records on many labels big on the club scene of the ‘90s, such as Kickin records, Slip n Slide, Faze 2 and XL.

In 2016 they got back together to work on new tracks, a mix of “party time” originally recorded in the ‘90s (but unreleased) now updated and given full 2018 jungle armour.

Not to be confused with the Manchester based MC DRS.

D.R.S are Da Real Sound.

HZM0371 D.R.S - Party timeAug 20, 2018
HZM0372 D.R.S – Ready when you're ReadySep 10, 2018
basswerk42 Da Real Sound feat. Nikita Candis - ChangeAug 02, 2019

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