CZA (Mark C4C)
  United Kingdom
REAL NAME:  Mark Clements

LABELS:   Bad Taste Recordings   C4C Recordings   Dispatch Recordings  

CZA was once an enigma. A sometimes secretive, hidden feeling, poised to explode into the light. Wonder no more, as the man CZA steps out from the Cause4Concern shadows, and once again sets the world on fire in a way unique to him, shaped by his experience, desire and innate knowledge of how to get the best out of himself and those around him.

His style reflects his approach, which in turn is a result of all that he has learned and subsumed since first setting foot in the musical world back in 1993. CZA has success-fully combined his ideas, influences and suggestions from various musical partners, and moulded these into a sound which twists the very fabric of reality into something new and different. From work with his C4C brothers, to his own dynamic production, CZA has never failed to lift, inspire and drive forward with his music.

After starting out writing techno, and being heavily influenced by the early Detroit and electro scenes, CZA transformed this knowledge into his early drum & bass productions around 1996. After early successes under the artist name Chimera (‘Deeper Life’), it was through his connection to the legendary Record Basement/Vinyl Distribution empire which saw the emergence of the Cause 4 Concern group and record label. Since then, his talents have been exposed to the whole world through the medium of C4C’s classic-laden back catalogue.

Now, however, his reputation for clear, clean, evocative music will be enhanced by new material he is unleashing alongside Optiv. With recent releases and music to come on labels including Hospital, Med School, Shogun and Subtitles, CZA’s trademark heavyweight sound will be reaching more ears than ever before. Coupled with a new EP on the C4C label, expect to be hearing a great deal of the experienced, versatile producer’s sound. With a plan to educate ears and move dancefloors, the new tracks will be latest steps in a path which has been defined by quality, integrity and an eye to the future. Different crowds will be exposed to different sides of CZA’s musical mission, but each and everyone will be impressed by the amount of effort which goes into his beats, no matter the release and no matter the audience.

CZA’s past successes are only matched by his potential. His talent is turning itself to a whole range of new and exciting projects, which you are strongly advised to get involved in. Make sure you catch CZA wherever and whenever you are able to.

C4CDIGUK041 Current Value, Optiv, CZA - Ghost NationMay 12, 2017
C4CDIGUK044 Optiv, CZA, Inward, Hanzo, Randie - The Third Kind EPJul 31, 2017
C4CDIGUK040 Pythius, Optiv & CZA - Battlecruiser / Moongerm (Rmx)Mar 31, 2017
BT051 VA - MethLab Vol 2Jun 03, 2016
C4CDIGUKLP004 C4C Recordings - 20 YEARS LPJan 21, 2019

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