LABELS:   Deep In The Jungle  

I started taking an interest in music and buying tunes whilst still at school back in 1988. My early vinyl purchases were mostly Hip Hop and to this day I still have all my old tunes! I got into the rave scene in the early 90’s and was influenced by the likes of Mickey Finn, Ratty and Pilgrim. I would regularly attend local events like Pandemonium, Quest, Euphoria and Club Junglist and would spend a lot of time at the Sanctury in Milton Keynes at events like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Life Utopia.

My first actual live DJ set was on college Radio in 1993 with my old skool mate Tim Dogg. From there I progressed to playing at local parties and private functions (I had a spell doing Weddings and Christenings – not my cup of tea!) and my first proper live gig in front of a decent crowd was a night called “The Bomb” at the Que Club, Birmingham in May 1997.

For the next few years I specialised in Old Skool and Jungle as most of my bookings tended to be that genre. Although I played at some good events its fair to say I didn’t get as many bookings as I should have mainly done due to me focussing a lot of time on drinking and having a good time!

After 2001 ended I rarely played out but my love of the music never changed and my record collection was always kept up to date and I still made appearances at local parties. My Dj-ing career was reignited when I started up an Internet Radio show on a now defunct station called Underground Sounds in January 2008. Using this as a platform I was able to establish myself as a regular on the Midlands DJ circuit playing 3 or 4 times a month at events such as Remedy, Ravers United, Far-Q, Cream of the Crop, Starlight, Raiders of the Old Skool, Slammin Vinyl, Drop Beats Not Bombs, Muzik Hertz, Mixedbag, Early Doors plus many more!

As well as being a resident for a number of local Promotions – myself and my long time pal Robski have started up our own regular night called Jungle Spectrum @ PST Nightclub in Birmingham City Centre which showcases a mixture of New Skool Jungle and Old Skool Jungle – my two main passions!

My musical style is Jungle, I play the full spectrum from Old Skool to New Skool.

DEEPIN028 DJ Cautious - Rough Love EPAug 05, 2016

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