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REAL NAME:  Anwer Verdonk, Kasper Ponjee
ALIASES:  MissionControl & Kappie

LABELS:   Red Light Records  

Focusing on neurofunk and tech dnb, this is Binary.

Dutch drum & bass producers MissionControl (Anwer Verdonk) and Kappie (Kasper Ponjee) came together last year to present a totally new pseudonym, having both spent time capitalising on their individual skill sets. Their collaborative project Binary sees a fusion of uncompromising, hard hitting production and oozing dancefloor appeal, whilst remaining consistent in their output with an unbridled creativity.

Their discovery by fans across the 170bpm spectrum did not go unnoticed by groundbreaking imprints, with none other than Optiv’s Red Light Records stepping forward to sign their most recent high-quality EP. Having already released on the likes of Sample Genie, Raving Panda Records, ION Music, Rustout Records and more, their distinct, forward thinking sound has already paved the way for their forthcoming success. And in being in such high demand, the ‘Mirror Image EP’ is another step towards the unblinking levels they’re still climbing to.

As a whole, their music proves the aptitude of Optiv and how he continually strives to find the very best currently within the drum & bass community. Binary are a definite example of that.

Binary and their distinct, and forward thinking ideas is in high demand and highly acclaimed by some of the biggest influencers in the Drum & Bass scene, features on the prestigious Red light records, notable critics by and plays in the dj-sets of Drum & Bass tastemakers such as Optiv.

Expect some serious productions as well as 4-deck dj sets smashing up dancefloors with their deep rollers and techy neurofunk.

These guys are making their way!

RLDIG038 Binary – Mirror Image EPApr 23, 2018

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