REAL NAME:  Ryan Blythe

LABELS:   Lifestyle Music  

Having a solid musical background in drums and electric guitar, Arbee has since turned his ear to a more electronic sound and found his true calling in Drum & Bass. While still wielding the versatility to produce hard-hitting Dubstep tracks, as well as the occasional ambient piece, his upcoming “Impressions” LP explores the very core of these various styles and ideas. Perhaps best illustrated in the technical precision of these tracks, Arbee still manages to pay homage to the two pillars of modern Drum & Bass – stripped back simplicity and raw vibes.

Once behind the decks, Arbee’s live sets showcase the very best of all that is Drum & Bass – from smooth rolling vibes, to dark atmospheric minimalism, right through to fast paced hard hitting Neurofunk… the momentum never stops, only shifts and changes. Representing The Tech Collective, Arbee has recently placed 2nd in the Melbourne leg of the “Homegrown Freqs” Drum & Bass mixing competition and gone on to support some big international acts within the scene such as Neonlight, Black Sun Empire, Trei, A.M.C, Hamilton, Lockjaw, Cern and State Of Mind. With an ever-expanding foundation of all things Drum & Bass, Arbee is always a welcome name on any bill.

LFS067 Arbee - Frostbite (Ice Cold)Oct 23, 2017

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