There have been many individual stories told of the rise and rise of UK born Drum & Bass, but never has there been a definitive record of its glorious 25 year history. Current DJ Mag editor Carl Loben and former DJ Mag editor Ben Murphy are on a mission to change that with their new book Renegade Snares.

The book is mostly done but they need your help to fill the gaps and get the full story to unleash to the world.  You can pledge directly on

We caught up with Carl to find out a bit more on what drove them to start the book, who they would cast to play the DJs if it was made into a film and what’s been the secret to Drum & Bass’s longevity.

There have been books on the beginnings of Jungle like Brian Belle-Fortune’s All Crews and of course many by individuals. How important was it for you guys to pull the full story together?

Brian’s book was great, as was Goldie’s Nine Lives, and there have been some cool other personal accounts — I’m looking forward to Frost’s book particularly, and Goldie’s warts-and-all sequel to Nine Lives this autumn. But there isn’t a definitive history — which is what the scene deserves, as it’s been such a significant cultural phenomenon, and on our own doorsteps too.

There’s certainly a great list of D&B soldiers featured in the book so far, who’s next on the list to get involved to tell their story?

We wanna talk to everyone. We’ve already interviewed lots of the main playas over the years, but will be hitting people up again to piece together the definitive account.

Lets say the book progresses into a film, who would play these DJs:

Andy C – Danny Dyer, natch

Goldie – himself, obvs

John B – Paul Kaye

Randall – Samuel L Jackson

25 years strong and Drum & Bass is still one of the leading genres founded by British artists, do you think we’ll see a movement like this again in the UK?

Maybe not, because the foundations of D&B were laid before the internet and it had time to ferment a solid basis in the early 90s. Subsequent scenes like Dubstep blew up too quick, cos of the internet, without enough of a network in place to sustain it when it stopped being flavour of the month.

What’s been D&Bs secret to longevity?

Those strong foundations mentioned above; passion; some incredible producers, DJs, MCs and scene stalwarts; pioneering the future; and being a really friendly scene, a far cry from how it’s portrayed by all too many people still.

I’m sure there are some amazing stories that have come up so far, if you’re up for giving a teaser of the book care to name some? Are there any that can’t be printed in the book?  

Ah, you’ll have to wait and see!


Renegade Snares - The Drum & Bass Story

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