Dub Elements & Cooh – Restore The Funk (Front Cover)

RELEASED:  August 1st, 2016
LABEL:C4C Recordings
ARTISTS: Cooh   Dub Elements   

Just when you thought that the C4C label’s output couldn’t get any better, they have outdone themselves once again. On C4CDIGUK033 they bring you the massive Restore The Funk from Dub Elements and Cooh, backed with Dub Elements going it alone on the equally huge Navegante.

Dub Elements call Seville, Spain home, but present music for the entire planet, no, the universe. Blending d&b, dubstep, electro and breakbeat to devastating effect, the duo are one of the hottest talents out there. Cooh has graduated from hardcore metal to hardcore drum & bass, with releases on
Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Subsistenz and other top imprints. Now is the turn of C4C, and Restore The Funk/Nevegante.

Restore The Funk starts as a refreshing blast of neuro-feeling funk, dropping down low in its introductory phase, before lifting into some major flow. Sharp and metallic, with enough swagger to knock out any naysayer, this one is a classic addition to the C4C canon. Layers are added in later, with enough time for a voyage into breakbeat territory, before flying back to the main theme. Dub Elements and Cooh work well together, bringing the best out of Restore The Funk.

Navegante immediately enters some deeper territory, scattering drum loops here and extended bass runs there. Your attention is drawn down to the core of the track, building back up to unleash the favour. A hectic pace is maintained by detailed beats, and an attitude of never letting go.

Space for light and air slips in briefly, before you are shaken back into life by percussion and precision. The drums loop back in, the bass charts its course, and Navegante becomes one of the biggest tunes you’ll hear all year. This is fantastic music, no question about it, and C4C, Dub Elements and Cooh have absolutely smashed it.

1. Dub Elements & Cooh – Restore The Funk
2. Dub Elements – Navegante

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