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Brighton, UK  Brighton, UK
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Lifestyle Music is a UK based drum and bass label, promoting the Lifestyle vibe and always on the look out for upcoming talent. Lifestyle has been steadily expanding it’s fanbase over the years, from hosting nights in legendary London club Cable (and even its infamous final gig at Crucifix Lane) to Lifestyle tracks being supported by the likes of BBC 1XTRA, Noisia Radio, Friction, Optiv & BTK, Zero T, Maztek and heard on dancefloors all over the world.

The current active label artist roster includes local and international acts, UK producers & DJs ranging from the likes of Conduct, Catharsis, Ill Truth, Revaux, SND, KELA, A.S.K, and Arkitech alongside international acts such as Australia’s up and coming dnb sensation Lockjaw, exciting Italian duo Jazzatron and young dutch producer Signal. Check out the rest of Lifestyle’s artist roster on the Lifestyle Facebook page.

The label hosts the infamous ‘Lifestyle Podcast’ with label owners Catharsis and Piper showcasing fresh drum and bass within the Lifestyle Music vibes. Alternatively there is the “MixCast” series, in which resident Lifestyle or guest artists are invited to showcase their brand of drum & bass.

“We release music that has strong atmosphere and depth, while maintaining dancefloor energy. We want people to appreciate different aspects of drum and bass not just the commercial front of the scene. We bring release to a furious nation”

– Catharsis, Lifestyle Music founder & owner

LFS061 VA – Australian Connection LPMay 08, 2017

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