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Toronto, Canada  Toronto, Canada
LABELS:   Mainframe Recordings   Viper Recordings  

Peter NCseventeen is drum n bass producer, DJ & label owner of Grindhou5e is based out of Toronto Canada.

Starting out in 2005 & having his first release in 2006 it wasn’t till 2007 where he made Slug Path which garnered critical acclaim by major players in the game. Since then NC-17 has released on such labels as Viper, Renegade Hardware, DSCI4, All Sorts, Mac II, Viper VIP, Mainframe, Formation, Red Light, State of Mind, Sinuous, Circle, Vampire, Mix N Blend, Stilla Audio & of course Grindhou5e Audio.

Also, this certified film dork & enthusiast of drum n bass has forthcoming tracks on Break’s Symmetry Recordings, Viper, Eatbrain, Mainframe, Virus & of course his own label Grindhou5e. Be on the look out from this Toronto resident with a blend of exploitation cinema & hard hitting drum n bass.

MFR076 Mindscape, Dossa, Locuzzed, NC-17 – Soldiers / We RollinMay 16, 2016
MFR084 NC-17 & Co – Predator / Night of the ZombiesDec 16, 2016

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