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Leonardo de Jesus Silva, better known as L-Side, started his career as Producer & Dj in 2008, his main influence in producing his music comes from Hip Hop, artists such as: Jazz Liberatorz, The Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest are his main references.

Born in the city of Ribeirão Pires, metropolitan region of São Paulo, L-Side has stood out for years within the Drum’n’bass Scene.

Already signed with labels like Good Looking, Celsius, Soul Deep Recordings, Interactive, Chronic and the legendary V Recordings. He has also signed national labels such as SP Breaks, Luv Disaster and most recently by Innerground Records, acclaimed DJ Marky.

His songs have the support of dj’s around the world like: DJ Marky, Bryan Gee, Hype, LTJ Bukem, Bailey, Roni Size, A Sides, among others.

In addition to their solo songs, L-Side has partnered with promising producers within the Drum’n’bass as Subsid, Dans, Andrezz, Chap, Critycal Dub and Paladion.

BBH036J Chronic Rollers Vol. 3. Presented by L-SideJan 27, 2017

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